Time to redraw the geopolitical borders

It’s time we face facts. Geopolitical borders are artificial constructs meant to change throughout our species’ history.

Syria, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Georgia (and …?) cartographic representations are up for grabs right now.

There’s room for profitable wargaming, too! Who’s up for thinning a few populations while we send our tired, our hungry, our poor to battle foes we need new propaganda campaigns to deface?

To arms, patriots! I have an investment portfolio to inflate while keeping the P/E ratio within nonspeculative limits.

My billionaire friends are currently sorting out a win-win solution that will lead us to create, strengthen and enforce new international laws while leaving room for our military-industrial complex to grow.

We need a state-sized terrorist group to conquer (an instantly-creatable enemy with no borders) and we now have sufficient evidence that you or your children are aiding and abetting the enemy. That means war on the homefront? We need more hidden internment camps? So be it.

Hahahahaha…..this new mental chess game is maniacally addictive.

Makes Mars exploration and settlement seem so far away…


Welcome to the 2014 Hyper Bowl!!!

Promises, promises!:



“The Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies is the broadest aggregate Gartner Hype Cycle, featuring technologies that are the focus of attention because of particularly high levels of hype, or those that Gartner believes have the potential for significant impact,” said Jackie Fenn, vice president and Gartner fellow. “Enterprises should use this Hype Cycle to identify which technologies are emerging and use the concept of digital business transformation to identify which business trends may result.”

“The central theme for this year’s Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle is Digital Business (see Figure [above]). As enterprises embark on the journey to becoming digital businesses, they will leverage technologies that today are considered to be “emerging,” said Hung LeHong, vice president and Gartner fellow. “Understanding where your enterprise is on this journey and where you need to go will not only determine the amount of change expected for your enterprise, but also map out which combination of technologies support your progression.”


Better if lectures were given by Doris Lessing?

From boingboing.net:

Levi says, “Lawrence Lessig will be lecturing at the University of Chicago in October, launching a new series with a series of talks on institutional corruption, with separate talks on the problem in Congress, finance, the media, and the academy, then wrapping up with a lecture that covers possible remedies.

Meeting adjourned, no journalists invited

At a private gathering with leading international business figures, the question was asked: “How do we increase the fear of job/subculture security to reduce mass protesting against inequality without inadvertently causing a different kind of protest, rise of the passive-aggressive productivity-resistant worker?”

In other words, concerns about human workers in industries which aren’t ready for automation or replacement by robots…

We congratulated ourselves on the smooth implementation of job description standardisation practices like the ISO 9000 series — getting humans to define and align with rote job performance flowcharts was much easier than we thought — humans will make themselves obsolete faster than they thought possible when faced with job loss due to nonconformance with detailed productivity increases they themselves handed to us.

We thanked our European colleagues for coming up with that idea.

Now, what to do about the majority of workers in small and medium businesses? How do we keep them complacent, happy and otherwise apathetic/numb to our legal pyramid schemes?

What would you do to gather info for a story?

On a day our investment portfolio showed an increase of $100k, I found myself driving 20 minutes (one way), or ten miles, to a Walmart in order to service a SuperFridge unit for a subcontracted amount of $11…


…all for the sake of a future science fiction story (tentatively titled, “The Robot Who Befriended Me On The Job: the Last Human To Work Retail”).


Certainly not for the money, right?


Roundtrip travel = 20 minutes x 2 = 40 minutes

Time at store = 30 minutes

Total time = 40 + 30 = 70 minutes

70 minutes = 1.167 hours

$11/1.167 = $9.43/hour


Vehicle usage = 20 miles

20 miles x $0.56 = $11.20


Conclusion: Driving, alone, ate up more deductible business cost than the payment for the work.

Glad I enjoy writing…sigh…

The Craft

You see, my wife and I are aggressive yet conservative millionaire investors — I see the universe as an illusion, that with enough data points you can find enough random points to draw any competent conclusion you want out of the coincidental alignments of filtered data sets — thus I make no bones about the fact we invest where it gives the highest yet relatively safe ROI.

This joker doesn't know I'll get him
because I'm a copyright lawyer.
I'll go after him
like I went after the other joker.

- The guy who stole your play.

- That's on Broadway.

That's on Broadway...

I told you this already?

About how this guy must've stolen
my play out of my briefcase?

I'd be a well-received writer by now
if it weren't for these jokers.

But I'll get them. I'm not taking
any chances. This is my new baby.

That’s why I have the confidence to write about what I wish, to seek out an original character or storyline and post it here, to create a universe that so closely shadows our own it could be real.

That’s why I can make satirical riffs on predicting the future because as much as I have to depend on over seven billion people on this planet to make my investments pay off and would love to see reality match my inventively magical imagination, I know it won’t.

Instead, I make sure our investment grows more than it shrinks, depending less and less on public opinion polls or other feel-good nonsense amongst the throngs of the unenlightened.

I am quite sure millions of people will suffer in order for us to reach the billionaire level.

I would like to pretend that they won’t but I stopped lying to myself a long time, at the age of five when the veil was lifted and I became fully conscious of the “emperour’s new clothes” effect, completely understanding that the memes and symbols we overlay on our sets of states of energy are invisible, imaginary smoke-and-mirror tricks.

Why, on a quiet Sunday evening, after viewing the film “Magic in the Moonlight” and feeling like I could have written that screenplay (and maybe did, in a way, on Mars), I can face the reality that our beautiful little fellow, our Cornish Rex house companion, Erin, has stopped cleaning himself, then wet a washcloth with warm water and wipe down his body because he had lost control of his bladder again and slept in urine that soaked bed coverings I had washed and dried earlier today.

I slept with Erin for half an hour while this blog entry wrote itself in my thoughts.

What is reality?  Reality doesn’t exist.  These words are an illusion, sleight of hand, the magician’s diversion from something else so alien, so exotic, that you might barely have an inkling what’s really going on but most likely don’t…and it doesn’t really matter.

Thank goodness, I find beauty in that, with which I can turn back the covers, crawl into bed with Erin and disappear into whatever dream world I make up tonight.

I am a chameleon tapping out a rhythm few can hear but most can understand (sometimes better than I understand myself!).

Thus ends today’s meditation on Sunday…

Sweet dreams!