Wrapping Up [update]

To wrap up a story in this blog:

  • Frances ended up marrying an heir to the Kern’s Bread Company family fortune, getting pregnant not long after the last time she and I made love — I didn’t want to know if the child was mine (but, of course, secretly wished it was); years later, a coworker of mine, John Cooper, was CEO of a tech firm called Avocent where he doubled its revenues from $1B to $2B during his 5-year reign — in a conversation, I mentioned reading that he used to be head of Kern’s Bread and he told me it was his idea to sell Kern’s to Earth Grains Company (he’s currently Secretary of Director of the Department of Transportation for the State of Alabama).
  • Sarah ended up with a guy who owned a garage door installation business; she always wanted to be an architect and finally got to design her dream vacation home, which was built in a “walled” community called Cobbly Knob, if I remember correctly.
  • Monica (“Helen of Kosciusko”) married a neighbour of her grandparents in Kosciusko and lives in Singapore with her successful business spouse.
  • Phil, from whom I bought the Alfa Romeo Spider, divorced his first wife, married again, became a multimillionaire after the sale of a local tech firm and was elected an Alabama State Representative.
  • Finally, it has been an interesting experiment to see people read my blog entries which are nothing more than my coping mechanism for pushing suicide ideation out of my thoughts (I am constantly running away from the thought of killing myself, like being pursued by an invisible monster, which induces paranoia and other fears when I can’t control my thoughts); suicide ideation, in turn, is an escape mechanism for my inability to be assertive and change my life when I am extremely unhappy/uncomfortable.

Thanks for stopping by.

I’m out of here!