Time to redraw the geopolitical borders

It’s time we face facts. Geopolitical borders are artificial constructs meant to change throughout our species’ history.

Syria, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Georgia (and …?) cartographic representations are up for grabs right now.

There’s room for profitable wargaming, too! Who’s up for thinning a few populations while we send our tired, our hungry, our poor to battle foes we need new propaganda campaigns to deface?

To arms, patriots! I have an investment portfolio to inflate while keeping the P/E ratio within nonspeculative limits.

My billionaire friends are currently sorting out a win-win solution that will lead us to create, strengthen and enforce new international laws while leaving room for our military-industrial complex to grow.

We need a state-sized terrorist group to conquer (an instantly-creatable enemy with no borders) and we now have sufficient evidence that you or your children are aiding and abetting the enemy. That means war on the homefront? We need more hidden internment camps? So be it.

Hahahahaha…..this new mental chess game is maniacally addictive.

Makes Mars exploration and settlement seem so far away…


If I don’t meditate soon…

There is a documented level of sleep deprivation that triggers mental loopiness.

I have cared for an elderly, ill cat going on five weeks now, rarely getting more than 30-45 minutes of continuous sleep at a time.

From a creativity perspective, I have benefited in this balance between loopiness and total madness, but from a rational “read and follow the instructions” workflow perspective, all but totally detrimental.

In conclusion, unless I get rest soon I see world war in the future mental chess match of mine which I hope does not interfere with my plans for living on Mars decades hence!

Better if lectures were given by Doris Lessing?

From boingboing.net:

Levi says, “Lawrence Lessig will be lecturing at the University of Chicago in October, launching a new series with a series of talks on institutional corruption, with separate talks on the problem in Congress, finance, the media, and the academy, then wrapping up with a lecture that covers possible remedies.

Unquotable Quotes

How willing are you to accept quotes from famous people without verifying for yourself that they actually said it?

Like mixed metaphors, there’s a certain symmetry of taking two or more people and mixing their quotes together (or attributing quotes from one side of the political spectrum to the other) — it certainly makes me think about what makes us who we are…


Misquoted-Genghis Khan

Misquoted-Gloria Steinem

Misquoted-Mother Teresa

Misquoted-Ted Nugent

Misquoted-Thomas Jefferson

Adding The Report of Cannons to Your Canon Fodder

History is never how we remember it…

[ Personal or Collective ]


Before I go on, a nod to the folks in Napa Valley; seems not that long ago my wife and I toured the wineries there and in Sonoma, riding in a limousine, our driver a retired radio DJ who entertained us to no end (but sometimes a volume control knob would have been nice…lol); our limo partners were a female computer programmer for Gateway Computers (in South Dakota?) and her husband:





Who invented the submarine?



Who invented a lot of things your culture calls its own?





I want to write today but the noise in my head is excruciating (symptoms we call tinnitus, which I directly attribute to the five cans of Monkeynaut Ale I consumed at the Three Caves Concert Saturday night).  In its place, I study history, the jointly agreed-upon fable we call the narrative of our lives together as one species (before we branch out again):





















Dave Dean was my sponsor and a keynote speaker at the Southwestern Book Company national sales training (in 1983?).










Humour in uniform

Earlier this evening, I had a good laugh about international diversion tactics with my billionaire friends.

Carlos Slim guffawed about the ease with which the U.S. public can be manipulated to focus on black/white race issues while we quickly move Mexican and Central American citizens to take jobs in America.

Others thanked me for the proposal I made a while back that with news organizations so weakened journalists are now fair game not only overseas but also domestically, we just needed the right situation to test that theory.

Oh the fun we had tonight laughing about the ability to more and more ignore the plight of the commoners while we move our capitalist profits into exotic wealth generation instruments that barely depend on the whims of peasants as powerless as ever; but we must keep pretending we, as feudal lotds, care about the poor and nod our heads at the “wisdom” of soothsayers like Paul Krugman and Robert Reich who preach ‘share the wealth’ philosophy that we will never allow to happen.